Collar Works Presents Procrustes!

New show opening  on February 26: reception from 5 to 8 pm.  I will be showing with painter Adam Daily at the new permanent home of Collar Works, in Troy, NY.  For more details, click  Collar Works Presents Procrustes.

Collar Works, 621 River Street, Ground Floor, Troy, NY 12180

David Brickman Reviews LIT

David Brickman has reviewed LIT in his art blog, GET VISUAL.  Click LIT to read.


Two recent articles in the Albany Times Union talk about “Lit” and the Art and Culture Program at Albany International Airport. Click here and here to read and to see more photos of the exhibit.


Current group show, Lit,  in the 3rd floor Gallery at Albany Airport:




ARTCARDS Editors Picks

Show #12 at The Parlour in Bushwick is among Editors Picks on ARTCARDS.

The Parlour at Bushwick: Show #12

September to October 17th, I am in a group show in Bushwick, Brooklyn; click here for the gallery’s website.

Summer show at Salem Art Works

Opening July 11 at Salem Art Works, Salem, NY: a two person exhibit, Abstract Assertions, Victoria Palermo and Ewelina Bochenska. Click here for more info.

Isosceles Hammock, may be seen outdoors in the SCULPTURE PARK at Salem Art Works this summer.  Click here to learn about the Cary Hill Sculpture Park.

“Architecture as muse at Union College”: Two Coats of Paint

Click here to link to Sharon Butler’s blog, Two Coats of Paint, and photos of the exhibition, blueprint, with work by Sharon Butler, Peter Dudek, and me.  Artist talk and reception at Union College, February 20, starting at 3:30pm.  The show is curated by artist Brece Honeycutt.

Upcoming: Exhibit at Union College

I am pleased to be part of this exhibit curated by artist Brece Honeycutt.    An excerpt from the curator’s statement:  “Just as one uses a guidebook when wayfinding in a city, Simon Mawer’s The Glass Room will serve as an architectural guide to examine, juxtapose and unite the works of Butler, Dudek and Palermo. Throughout Mawer’s book, the concepts, structures and images from the three artists’ works are made manifest.  It is almost as if Mawer had the vibrant planes of Palermo’s structures, or layered architectural shapes of Butler’s canvases, or the three-dimensional constructivist landscapes by Dudek in his mind’s eye as he wrote.  Mawer: “Steel will be as translucent as water.  Light will be as solid as walls and walls as transparent as air.  I conceive of a house that will be unlike any other, living space that changes functions as the inhabitants wish, a house that merges seamlessly into the garden outside, a place that is at once of nature and quite aside from nature.” *
* Simon Mawer, The Glass Room, (Other Press, 2009),  p.43.



Opening at Chesterwood

isosceles hammock 1The summer/fall exhibition of contemporary sculpture at Chesterwood opens on June 22. The show will include my new piece, Isosceles Hammock. Visit Chesterwood in Stockbridge, MA to tour the sculpture grounds and to visit the home and studio of Daniel Chester French.

Please visit the Chesterwood website for details!